Proposed Network Details

Features and Financing

  • According to the current proposal before the Petersham Broadband Committee, Matrix Design Group would provide the capital to design, construct and operate a standards-based GPON FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) network in town.
  • The overall estimated cost of this network would be about $2.3 million, with the town of Petersham responsible  for just $560,000.
  • The town would have the option to purchase this completed network for $1.754 million after 3 years. Each year thereafter the price would be reduced by $103,160 until, in year 20, when it can be purchased for just $10.
  • Matrix would provide voice and data service at competitive rates and service could begin in as little as 12 months.
  • In order to get up to 50Mbps (symmetric)  Internet service a subscriber would have to pay a one-time $500 installation fee ($400 without battery backup)  which would be broken up into two payments of $250 each.
  • The monthly subscription cost would be $95 plus an estimated Municipal Light Plant (MLP) fee of $4.95 plus any associated taxes.
  • A VoIP telephone line can also be added for an additional $20 per month.
  • The MLP is a town board that oversees the pricing, customer service and operation of the network.

Background: How Fast is Fiber? (from Wired West)

The Peterham Broadband Committee wishes to thank the leadership of
WiredWest for their countless hours of devoted effort to the cause of
community Broadband connectivity and for the use of this informative video.

Background: Matrix Builds a Fiber Network in Leverett, MA.

Our thanks to the Broadband leadership in the Town of Leverett for their
willingness to share their time and expertise with  those towns still
working towards universal connectivity.